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S Series-Totally Streamlined Tooth PDC

The external ring of the interface between the diamond layer and the cemented carbide substrate of an S series PDC is a waveform oblique cone plane design, with the central area as a waveform concentric circle. HMR has always been insistent on the streamlined design for its products and reaped practical benefits from this insistence. As an original design for which HMR was granted a patent (patent No.: ZL201020253652.3), this streamlined design reduces the residual stress after high-pressure sintering and increases the interfacing area between the two layers, while structurally strengthening impact resistance of the PDC. Adopting imported raw materials and a new super-pressure sintering technological solution, this series highlights the excellent wear and impact resistance of these materials.In its application in recent five years or so, the S series has shown powerful comprehensive performance and still remains popular with some customers today.