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U Series-Composite Tooth Interface PDC

The interface between the diamond layer and the cemented carbide substrate of a U series PDC consists of a groove (with small bumps in the middle) and external ring structure of the oblique cone. This structure not only enhances bonding through the local rough surface but also improves grinding resistance of the drilling cutters in the overall design, thus strengthening its impact resistance. For this, the company was granted as a utility model patent (patent No.: ZL200920260048.0).
The U series products have been tested in the market for nearly a decade, with accumulated sales of over 8 million pieces. For their extraordinary quality and reliability, they were once the brightest stars among the HMR products. This series’ continued competitiveness is directly related with leaching technology adopted in recent years. Theseries facilitates thorough leaching for excellent multifunctional performance. It has been praised for its application at non-special strata.